Android Vs iOS Mobile App- Which is better Platform for Your Business in 2023? 

Mobile devices have completely changed the way people communicate and do their daily activities. The significant surge in mobile devices has resulted into mobile app development. Apps can be used to do banking, shopping, ticket booking and much more. Seeing the growth in demand, businesses across the globe are using the latest technologies to build apps to take their services to digital platforms. However, the real challenge that comes is the selection of app development platforms. 

As per records, Android and iOS are the most popular and feature-rich platforms. Both have their own set of pros and cons for app development. In this blog we have discussed some critical parameters that will help you to make a smart choice whether Android app development company or iOS platform for your next app project.  

Highlighting Factors between Android Vs iOS Mobile App 

  1. Demographics 

Demographics is an important selection criteria for app development platform. You have to identify the location of your target audience. Based on that you need to build an app for your service. iOS powered apps are majorly used in the developed nations like USA, UK and Europe. The reason for the same is higher earning individuals. While Android apps are more successful in developing nations where people earn significantly less. So choose development platform wisely as per the target audience.  

  1. Operational Cost 

Budget is also an important factor for selecting app development platform. When you start your business app development, check the operational cost involved for higher revenue. Android apps are majorly used on multiple devices thus growing development time but higher engagement is reached. On the other hand, iOS apps are applicable only to Apple devices. As per reports, running iOS apps need higher investment and operational cost surge significantly. The development cost asked by iPhone app development company is higher than Android service provider because of platform charges and complexity involved. 

  1. Development Tools 

Developing iOS and Android apps involves different tools and programming languages. Start development of app when you are proficient with the tools, technologies and languages involved. iOS app development requires Apple’s native language, Swift, while Android focuses on Java or Kotlin for the development work. So, if you have technical experience start development yourself or connect with an expert development agency for streamlined operations.  

However, if you need a cross-platform mobile app, it is a different scenario. To make your apps operate on both Android and iOS, go for React Native or Unity platform.  

  1. App Marketplace 

Deployment of app on a marketplace is also an important factor to select app development platform. Android apps are published on Google Play Store while iOS apps are available on App Store. Both marketplace have different parameters to publish an app. Apple App store has specific guidelines to publish app which increase complexity and even it has countless rules taking time to publish. While Google Plays Store offers simple settings and app is published in short time duration.  

  1. Payment Options 

Payment options and security is highly important for any app development process. iOS apps need higher amount during the in-app purchases while Android apps are cheaper. iPhone users do mobile commerce purchases 4x than the Android devices.  

In terms of average spending, iOS users are way ahead of the Android users. iPhone users leverage the extra convenience offered by iPhone app development company to make the maximum investment in advanced UI features. When it comes to Android users, they are focused on customizing the interface. 

Do You Want to Create Your Own Mobile App?  

Both Android and iOS platform have their own audience and features for app development. In order to create an effective app, reach to a professional mobile app development company who can serve your diverse business needs. Having expert guidance helps to build apps of different complexity levels. They follow best practices and use experience to deliver high-quality app products.  


iOS and Android platform have their features to offer. We hope that these above mentioned parameters will help you gain crucial insights in selecting a perfect app development platform. Yet, for a modern business, it’s important to stay competitive and engage audience for app usage. This is possible with cross-platform app development. Both platform have numerous factors, and it’s crucial to consider them during development stage. 

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