How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire While Out on a Ride

If you know what to do, changing a bike tire after it becomes flat is a fairly simple fix. It will eventually happen whether you ride on uniform pavement, or a rough one. so it’s best to be ready with the tools and knowledge needed to fix the issue.

To replace or fix a flat bike tire, follow these steps

The steps to changing a bike tire are explained in detail below, along with helpful advice on how to successfully repair a bike tire.

Initially, take the tire off

The wheel should be taken off first. Maintain your upright position while putting your drivetrain in the hardest gear if your bike has a rear-wheel flat. It’s possible that you’ll also need to loosen the brake if your bike has rim brakes, which a lot of bikes still have today.

Once the quick release is opened or the thru-axle is threaded, the wheel can be removed by positioning yourself on the side of your bike that is not the drive (across from the chain).

The tire may now be removed. To unseat the tire, place the rounded end of one tire button under the bead, or the tire’s outer edge. 

Find the issue

Once the tire is unfastened, remove the old tube (if necessary) and look for the object that caused the flat, which could have been a thorn, piece of glass, or another sharp object. Additionally, inspect the tire’s exterior, this time looking for any possible outside elements that may still be encased in the rubber.

Pump some air into the old tube to locate the leak if you’re using tubes and want to do a little investigating. A pinch-flat occurs when the tube becomes trapped between the tire and rim and shows as two holes next to each other.

Solve the issue

You can repair your tube using a patch kit if you’re the frugal type who likes to reuse old tubes or if you’ve had multiple flats on your ride and are out of spare tires. Go to the next section if your tube is brand-new.

Cleanse the pierced area first, then use an emery cloth to roughen the surface. Put it over the hole and press firmly to create a glue less patch. Apply a light coating of glue to the tube and patch if the patch calls for it. Before applying the patch and pressing firmly until it sticks, allow the glue to become tacky first.

Put the tube in place

Just enough air should be pumped into your repaired or new tube to ensure that it maintains its shape. Placement inside the tire is made simpler as a result. The tube should then be placed inside the tire while the valve stem is still straightened out and inserted through the rim’s valve hole. Roll the bead away from yourself as you work the tire back onto the rim with your hands. You risk accidentally puncturing your new tube if you use levers to reseat the tire. As soon as you reach the valve stem, tuck both tire bead edges into the rim deeply and press up on the stem to insert the tube into the tire.

Install the Wheel again

If everything appears to be in order, reattach the wheel, making sure that the quick release as well as the thru-axle lever is on the side that faces the drivetrain opposite the wheel.

In order to carefully push a wheel back onto the frame if you had a rear-wheel flat, wrap the top of the chain around the cassette’s smallest cog. Reinstall the thru-axle into the frame and center it closed, or close your quick-release mechanism (and rim brakes if necessary).

To make sure all the components are back in place and working properly, lift the rear wheel and turn your cranks once. Get back on your bike and enjoy the remainder of your ride if everything is in order.


Hence, it is essential for every motorcyclist to possess the knowledge of how to fix a flat bike tire. This manual offers simple instructions to help you mend your tire and resume your ride swiftly. For added convenience and safety, it’s advisable to have a paddock stand.

Motorcycle accessories are readily available on carorbis. To minimize the chances of encountering a flat tire during your journey, make sure to conduct regular maintenance and inspections. Being prepared and confident in your ability to handle a flat tire will prevent a puncture from spoiling your cycling adventure. Prioritize safety while riding your bicycle!

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