A Guide To Professional Moving Companies In Oakland

If you are moving to and from Oakland, you should think about a professional moving company that provides effortless moving. The professional moving companies in Oakland will assist you to move across during hot summers making sure that your relocation is stress-free and perfect.

How To Choose Moving Companies

Following are some important points to consider if you are looking for moving services in Oakland:

  1. Cost

The cost of moving relies on the distance, season, size of your home, and any extra services you need. You should talk to three or more moving companies in your area and ask for the estimated cost. You should ask them to write an approximate expense and their fixed fee or per-hour fee.

  1. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are considered important if you are seeking a moving company. You can read the reviews on websites such as Google Reviews and other social media. So read the customers’ reviews calmly before ordering a mover and prefer the company with more positive reviews.

  1. Appropriate Licensing

Interstate companies must have a license from FMCSA and possess active USDOT and MC numbers. If you want to inspect the registration of the mover or its criticism records, you can use the number on the search bar of FMCSA.

  1. Services

Evaluate if the company you select offers the services you require during the restate procedure. Get ready for moving by creating a comprehensive list of your home and considering the services you will need. If you want some extra services, you should notify the company’s agent.

Tips When Moving In Oakland

  • Plan An Early Move

Oakland is infamous for its crowd during rush hour and hence moving a bottleneck in a truck is more complicated than a private passenger automobile. If the movers charge you per hour and get jammed in a crowd, they will charge you higher. If you want to make sure that the movers finish their work before evening, then you should order the mover before rush hour.

  • Dodge Busy Seasons

You should know that May to September is the hottest and busiest season in Oakland so you should avoid moving in during this season because it will decelerate and aggravate your moving procedure especially if you are looking for a last-minute mover. They request higher fares which will lower the possibility of you getting the mover of your choice. If you want to obtain a moving company of your choice, you should start looking for and book a mover at least eight weeks before moving.

  • Pack In Advance

Many moving companies only transfer your stuff if you packed it already so you should start packing your stuff before moving time. You should start packing your stuff at least six weeks before moving in order to avoid last minute rush. If you want to make your packing more feasible, you should pack your stuff in boxes every day.

Advantages Of Moving Company

  • A Smooth Experience

One advantage of a moving company is that it can make your whole moving procedure easy and effective as they put together an organization in advance. The only thing you got to do is just rent a mover, give them the information, and entrust them with every other thing. This is most comforting for the people who are relocating with their kids as they will have proper time to ensure that the moving goes easy for them too. Also, you will not be worried about making many trips to transport your stuff as the movers will utilize their trucks for transportation.

  • Simplifying The Things

Relocating indicates grabbing and lifting weighty things which can be very difficult and requires hard work. online shopping So, the main advantage of booking a moving company is that you do not need to do the hard work and effort. They do all the hard work including dethatching the furniture parts and loading the boxes into the truck. Some companies also provide you with unpacking your stuff so that you do not need to remove all the stuff by yourself.

  • Profitable

Although renting a moving company may be expensive but at the end of the day, you also save some amount as you do not need to hire a truck by yourself and also some workers to help you with unpacking the stuff. You can also cut some expenses on far-away movers by renting a professional moving company.


If you are planning to relocate to Oakland, you should look for cheap movers in Oakland that are also reliable and have an intricate touch as you do not want your stuff to get harmed during the relocation. Also, try avoiding the relocation process during the summer season as it becomes difficult to move during this season.

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