8 Important Things to Remember While Moving from India to Argentina

India to Argentina

Every year, many people move to Argentina for a permanent stay. Some of them are moving from India to Argentina to expand their business. However, no matter what your reason is, you should always remember to carry your important articles during your foreign location. Most of you are willing to move to Argentina, but they are unaware of the things that they need to carry with them. Due to their ignorance, they also forget to accomplish their important tasks before moving to Argentina. As a result, these people experience a lot of difficulties while relocating to their desired destination. If you too are moving to Argentina for the first time, the following things will help you move there without any stress:-

Carry Important Documents

Remember, you need to move all important documents to the foreign destination you are moving to. So, if you are moving from India to Argentina, make sure to carry all the documents that you might need there. Some of the important documents that you need to carry during your international move include your medical records, academic documents, office-related documents, etc.

If you are moving with your pets, you must remember each document that is related to your pets such as their vaccination records, your pet’s medical history, etc. If you are married and are relocating with your wife and kids, you must also carry their important documents while moving to Argentina from India. Apart from that, you should also note down a few emergency phone numbers and other numbers related to your banks, insurance companies, etc. You also need to take the school records of your children if you are moving to Argentina with them.

Manage Your Finances

If you are migrating to Argentina, you must manage your finances in India first. If you have multiple bank accounts in India, just withdraw all your funds from these accounts and deposit all this money in a single bank account. Remember, if you are moving from India to Argentina permanently, you need a huge amount of money to survive there.

So, it is important to manage your finances properly before moving to Argentina from India. Likewise, if you have a property in India that you can’t manage while staying overseas, it’s better to sell it off. This will provide you with more money which you will need after relocating to Argentina from India.

Get Yourself Checked

You must contact your family physician and get yourself checked by him while moving from India to Argentina. If you are suffering from any medical condition, your physician will prescribe medicines for you. Apart from this, you must also get vaccinated before the move. This will help you maintain your health after moving to Argentina.

Also, don’t forget to carry all your medical documents and the medical records of your family members before the move. These medical records will be extremely helpful for you in a foreign location as you can show them to your new physician. Your new doctor will prescribe medicines for you and your family members after referring to these medical documents.


Another thing that you should keep in mind is to de-clutter your house before relocating to Argentina. So, make sure to recognize the unused items in your home by devising a de-cluttering process. This will help you in making your consignment lighter. And once it is lighter, you don’t need to pay extra money to your movers. To de-clutter the house, just walk into each room of your house and make a list of all these documents. After making this list, you can separate these items and keep them in the storage area.

Sell or Donate

Once your de-cluttering process is over, it’s time to sell or donate these articles. However, make sure to check the condition of the articles you want to sell. It is advisable to sell them only if their condition is good otherwise no one will purchase them. However, you can also donate them if you want. To donate them, you must look for an NGO and donate these items there.

If you are willing to sell them, you must create an account on Quikr, or OLX for this purpose. You should also post pictures of these items on your accounts so that the customers will go through them and offer a price to purchase them. If you like their offered price you can sell your articles to them.

Take Help from Your Friends

While moving from India to Argentina, you must take the assistance of your friends. Remember, moving to an international location is a difficult task. So, if you get the help of your friends, they will surely make your entire move less stressful. They can help you in your packing process and also in loading your goods in the truck. Your friends will be happy to know that you are moving to a foreign country for your career growth. So, they will be always ready for you during your international relocation.

Learn the Language and Culture

You should also learn the official language of Argentina which is Spanish. Learning it will help you in more ways than one once you reach there. If you don’t know Spanish at all, you must at least learn the basic Spanish before moving from India to Argentina. This will help you communicate with the natives of this country and get additional information about them such as their day-to-day behavior and culture. This information will be of utmost benefit to you as you can make many friends after talking to them.

Get Information about the Pet Laws

If you are shifting to Argentina with pets, the best would be to know about its pet rules. This will help you a lot as you can go through them and fulfill the relocation requirements of your pets while moving them to Argentina. You can move your pets easily to your new home if you are well-aware of these rules. Some people shift their pets without knowing about the pet regulations of the country they are shifting to. As a result, they face a lot of troubles while relocating them to their desired foreign location.

Over to You

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can search for other important tips before moving from India to Argentina. These tips will be much advantageous for you during your international move.

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