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If your New Born Baby child is young, it is recommended to install the Airsoft™ 4D partitioned spine pad for your child (more details below). Because my friend’s child took off the 4D partitioned spine pad when his child was over 4 years old, but it is still very comfortable:

The seat has a lot of space, so a boy over 4 years old can sit and lie down without any pressure. Only when the child is comfortable sitting, will he not resist the safety seat.

Babyfirst’s new product Lingyue Pro uses Airsoft™ Sleep sleep technology to balance pressure and relieve pressure. It is simply a “mobile zero-pressure cloud sensing cabin” in the car, defining a new standard for the scientific selection of safety seats for the industry.

In a word, their efforts over the past 20 years are all to ensure that children can sit safely and comfortably in the car!

Next, I will share with you Airsoft™ Sleep sleep technology in detail.

1) Zoned spine protection – solves the pain points of sitting posture

I have experienced more than 10 brands of safety seats New Born Baby. When I first heard about “zonal spine protection”, my first reaction was: It would be great if our adult car seats could be like this, and my old waist would no longer suffer. It hurts!

Here is a popular science on the scientific basis of “zonal spine protection”: based on CAE simulation test + baby spine development morphology research results. Customers also check the offers at eBay discount code NHS

Study 1:

CAE simulation test: CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is a computer-aided solution to the analysis and calculation of complex engineering and product structural strength, stiffness, buckling stability, dynamic response, heat conduction, three-dimensional multi-body contact, elastic-plasticity and other mechanical properties, as well as structural An approximate numerical analysis method for performance optimization design and other problems.

In the child safety seat industry, McInfo (the group company to which the Babyfirst brand belongs) is the first company in China to apply CAE simulation technology.

R&D conclusion: Through comparison, it can be seen that the maximum stress on the 4D partitioned 0-pressure spine pad is smaller than that of ordinary spine pads, which is about a quarter of the stress of ordinary spine pads, and the area of ​​the maximum stress area is also larger than that of ordinary spine pads. The ridge area is small.

This advantage is that the pressure can be evenly dispersed, there are no pressure concentration points on the body, the body receives balanced force, and it is more friendly to the spine.

Study 2:

Baby’s spine development: When a baby is born, the natural shape of the spine is C-shaped. As the baby grows up and begins to learn to raise his head, sit, stand, and walk, the spine shows four physiological curvatures and becomes an S-shape.

Based on the development characteristics of the baby’s spine, Lingyue Pro developed a C-shaped supporting cabin and AirSoft ™ 4D partitioned spine pad to relieve pressure and protect the spine from four major areas:

Paying attention to the development and shape of the baby’s spine, scientific spine protection is more comfortable and more reassuring, taking care of all aspects of the baby’s comfort while sleeping in the car.

2) Skin-friendly feeling – solving the problem of sweating due to hot weather

Maybe most mothers, like me, only pay attention to [material] when buying clothes, ignoring that the backrest of the safety seat is also in contact with the child’s body, and the material used also affects the child’s use experience.

My daughter is prone to sweating. Even if the air conditioner is on in the car, she will be sweating when she wakes up when using other safety seats, and the backrest of the safety seat will be as hot as a furnace.

Let’s take a look at how Babyfirst solves this problem:

Dow’s Breathable Cloud Breathing Cotton + DuPont COOLMAX material + bionic upright cotton are materials that are much higher than industry standards. They have excellent moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking properties, which will add extra points to your baby’s body feel.

Really attentive to details!

Before we went abroad, we had been using Babyfirst. The price was the lowest among the safety seats we had ever used, but it was Duoduo’s favorite. Unfortunately, I can no longer use the new model, so I can only give it to a friend.

Shock-absorbing technology – ensuring a peaceful sleep

My friend reported that his son really likes this Children’s Day gift. First, because the backrest is comfortable and breathable, and he seldom sweats; second, because it has a large MUTE energy-absorbing and shock-absorbing headrest, which allows the child to sleep very peacefully and eliminates shaking of the belt. Come wake up troubled.

This kind of pillow is made of slow-rebound cotton, so it can absorb energy and absorb shock, allowing the child to sleep peacefully all the way home.

4) Intelligent temperature control system – solves seat temperature discomfort

Black technology is here again! Babyfirst Lingyue Pro has an intelligent temperature control management system and two suction modes of constant temperature wind/natural wind to create a constant temperature microclimate for the seat. There is also a seat temperature monitoring function. When adults ignore the temperature rise in the car, the accompanying smart APP will remind parents that it is time to adjust the temperature.

This design is especially suitable for babies who are not very good at talking. You can customize the temperature monitoring range through the APP according to your own needs. The most amazing thing is that I can also control the temperature by voice from the front seat of the car. This is a great design for parents traveling alone with their children! You can also buy at asos discount code NHS

4. Smarter and more convenient

1) One-hand 360° rotation and gear adjustment two-in-one

Believe me, if you need to take care of your baby alone, “one hand” is really necessary.

It’s hard to pack lightly when taking children out with all the big and small bags.

I can rotate the safety seat to face the car door with one hand, buckle the child in, and then rotate it to face the front, which is very convenient.

2) ISOFIX installation method and lazy support legs

The latest Lingyue Pro I bought uses the ISOFIX interface + anti-flip plate + support leg fixation method. It is a Z-series stabilization system with excellent stability. The calipers are rigidly connected and the hard interface is high in strength, which can more effectively restrict the safety seat. Displacement in car accidents.

3) Intelligent interaction

  1. Intelligent monitoring of whether the child is sitting properly

The latest Lingyue PRO seat has a gravity sensing function that can automatically identify the child’s sitting or leaving status. If you often travel alone with your children, it is really safe and convenient.

When we cannot take care of the back seat, if the child accidentally unbuckles the seat belt and leaves the seat, parents can receive an early warning on the APP and eliminate safety hazards in time.

When the baby sits correctly, the smart screen displays a smile and nods. When the baby leaves the seat, the smart screen displays a crying face and shakes his head.

  1. When a child is left alone in the car, the APP will issue an early warning and call for emergency help for the child.

Tragedies of parents forgetting their children in cars are often reported in the news, especially children aged 6-8 months. Once they are left in a confined space, they are particularly susceptible to suffocation.

When parents and children exceed the safe distance of 15-30 meters, the APP of this smart safety seat will send out an early warning signal to remind parents that the child is still in the car.

This can greatly reduce the probability of tragedy. The significance of “technology for good” is nothing better than this.


With existing technology, it is not difficult to make a child safety seat that ensures the safety of children, but a brand that can take into account the safety and comfort of children while traveling is more worthy of parents’ trust,< a i=1>Because this is the difference between “excellence” and “excellence”.

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